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Consulting Servies

Struggling what to do next in your business or what steps to put in place to achieve your personal and professional goals?  A growing body of research and evidence shows that developing systems that work for you whether in your business or your personal life can lead to better outcomes.  Julie provides professional development, creates unique business and personal systems that promote concrete, realistic criteria for achieving your goals.


Parent Coaching

Are you confused and overwhelmed by all the information and advice from friends, family members and professionals about how to best support your young child? Parenting children is rewarding and it can also be overwhelming, exhausting in our modern world especially if your young child has an exceptionality.  Research has shown that high-quality, positive adult-child interactions directly support positive outcomes for all children. Our parent coaching was developed by the need to support families in identifying what supports and approaches will best support their children in their home setting.  This is done by identifying tangible and measurable goals that can be achieved in small steps. Learn more by contacting us to schedule a  free 30 minute consultation.

All sessions are conducted via Zoom or by phone.
  1. Hourly Sessions - $85/per hour

  2. 4 - 1 hour sessions - $300

  3. 8 - 1 hour sessions - $560

Coaching and consulting services are NOT psychotherapy.  Psychotherapy is a health service that includes mental health practitioners with training and experience in diagnosing and treating emotional and psychological problems. Stitch Hill coaching/consulting provided does not include psychotherapy or any other health care service.